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           Here we get you some useful tips to become a more successful programmer. No matter if you are a newbie, an intermediate, or an expert programmer. These tips are good for any programmer and useful for any programming language. Perhaps they focus more on new programmers. Intermediate and expert programmers can benefit from these tips because programming is a lifetime continuing learning process.


The most important programming habit is to read. Remember that a programmer is a computer scientist. Reading about things programming related is going to keep your mind refreshed. Every day programmers need to read books, magazines, newsletter, and a lot more in order to become more successful in programming.

Do Not Memorize

One of the biggest misconceptions in programming is that as programmers we need to know everything. That is completely wrong. Before I mentioned that reading is one of the most important programming habits. If we have a lot of references perhaps online or books why do we need to memorize. Don’t get me wrong; we need to learn programming. Although we learn and become great programmers, sometimes we can get confused regardless our knowledge. That is the time when we need to get reference and not to continue stuck trying to remember everything.

Keep your Mind Organized

We can become stressed as programmers all the time. In these cases is better to stop our tasks until we become more comfortable. While stressed our mind get so confused that we cannot achieve our programming goals. Trying to continue during these times would result in a complete chaos. That is why we recommend to make some stops in order to refresh our mind.

Analyze Issues

As programmers all the time we can find programming issues. Solving issues is a great part of our job. Therefore it’s a good practice to take some time before and analyze what we need to do. By the time we could think we are wasting valuable time; but the result is great. When we analyze issues we solve them easier. Perhaps we can solve them faster than without taking a time to analyze them.

Team Work

Team work is crucial in programming. Perhaps we could be working on a project ourselves. It’s a good practice to get another person point of view. When we work in teams we get faster results. We also get different points of view, and most successful results. Like the old saying; two people better than one. Although groups are not limited for only two people.


One of the best characteristics of programming is that we have challenges. All the time we get challenges in programming. A good practice to become a better programmer is to “self challenge”. We can also have “team challenge”. More seriously are some projects which are challenges themselves. As programmers we should never think a challenge is too big. Instead we should accept all challenges and gain more experience and satisfaction from them. After challenging we get great results.

Don’t Give up

Sometimes as programmers we can get disappointed because we don’t get the desired results. In these cases we should remember what programming is. Programming is based on finding solutions. Therefore if we do not get the results we want, we should keep trying all the time until we get it. Perhaps sometimes we could need references or team support to achieve great results.

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